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Day Nine – Homeward Bound

Our last morning in Bali began early as for some reason, we weren’t able to sleep. So, we got up and started our day by getting our things together and then heading down to the beach to soak up as much relaxation as we could. I think I dozed for a few minutes and the … Continue reading

Day Seven – The Best of Bali Part II

We woke up pretty late (for us) on our first morning at the Intercontinental (7am). Of course as we’re about to leave, we’re finally adjusting to the time difference! By 9am, we were down in the lobby waiting for our tour guide. He picked us up about 10 minutes after 9am and we decided that … Continue reading

Day Five – The Best of Bali Part I

Our day began with our routine of breakfast at 7am and then a walk on the beach path. We then returned to our room and got ready for our day of sightseeing. Shortly before 9am, we made our way to the lobby. The lobby was filled with other tourists waiting for their guides or tour … Continue reading

Day Three – Transit to Bali

On the morning of our departure for Bali, we again woke up really early. This jet lag thing is kicking our butts… We had set our alarm for 630am, but who were we kidding, we were up at 430am. And that was after trying desperately to sleep in as much as possible. So, after getting … Continue reading

And We’re Off!

So our trip for two to Asia has begun… Everything could not have gone any smoother between dropping off the kids at my sister’s and our Jet Blue flight from Portland to New York (JFK). The kids were excited about a fun-filled week with family and couldn’t have cared less about us leaving. Their mother … Continue reading

Our Trip for Two to Asia – Part III

As a continuation of my posts on our almost free “Trip for Two to Asia,” I’ll be discussing how we got “almost free” hotel for 8 nights. To start, we will be staying for 2 nights at the Intercontinental Hong Kong and then in Bali, we’ll be staying 3 nights at the Intercontinental Bali. The … Continue reading