“Wait, You Did What?”

Yes, it’s true. For the first time in many, many years, I paid for an international ticket that was not a mistake. And not just one! (we are a family of four after all…) For those of you who follow MPPT on Facebook, there was an incredible sale this morning to Belize. And it turned out to be one that I couldn’t pass up.

Since getting back from Vietnam, I’ve been itching to find something that we could do over Columbus Day weekend. The kids are off from school on both the Friday prior and Monday and I was looking for a short vacation. This week I played with going to Panama and trying to squeak out 1.5 vacations for the miles required for only one. But, the timing wasn’t lining up as I wanted. And with only a few days to work with (I was only willing to take L out of school for 2 days), the flights had to be perfect.

Via The Flight Deal this morning, it appeared that there was a nationwide sale to Belize. Ken and I had contemplated Belize for our honeymoon but were able to do two honeymoons to New Zealand and Kauai instead due to mistakes that we were able to leverage in our favor. So, Belize has always been out there as a place I’d like to go, but using miles on such a short hop wasn’t something I was keen on doing and airfares have hovered at more than $600 per person when I’ve checked.

The $335 per person from Boston with about a 2 hour connection in Atlanta in both directions was just what the doctor ordered. And it stung just a little less knowing that I got a $50 statement credit and that we each get a free checked bag given that I paid for the trip with my newly opened Delta American Express card.

Each leg will be about 3 hours and the departure/arrival times are perfect to maximize our short time there. I’m still not a fan of spending money on international airfare (short hops within countries like what we did in Vietnam enhanced our trip immensely and I have no problem with that). But I’m cheap (frugal?). And Belize doesn’t have many chain hotels at which to stay with points so I’m still contemplating whether or not we’ll take the trip. Delta gives you 24 hours to cancel a flight after booking in case you change your mind. For this reason alone, if you’re on the fence about a trip, it makes sense to book it right away and take the 24 hours to think about it. Right now, the available dates on this sale are dwindling fast…

So, stay tuned! I imagine that we will end up going. We have so much fun on our family vacations and the kids just love our adventures so I think that will outweigh my psychological (cheap) block on paying for international airfare. If anybody has been to Belize, I’d love to hear your recommendations! And rest assured that I’ll be blogging about our adventures if we go!


**For those keeping score, I don’t count the $182 per person mistake fare for flights from JFK to Milan and Dublin to Bangkok as paying for airfare. I’d be an idiot if I didn’t do that, since it worked so well into our plans!


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