Fare War! Winter Travel to the Caribbean!

Looks like US Airways and American Airlines are targeting United’s hubs in good, old fashion, fare war style! I just retweeted The Flight Deal’s alert (don’t forget to follow me @milepointtravel on Twitter), but I thought I’d lay out a few more details here.

There is a round trip fare published from Newark to Grand Cayman for only $215, inclusive of all taxes and fees. This fare is valid from September to May 2015 but would be particularly great this winter. The majority of that fare is made up of mandatory fees and taxes so it looks like US Airways/AA could be losing money on this deal.

You’ll need to play around with dates a bit to find something that works, but I was able to find a fare from Newark to Grand Cayman via Charlotte departing January 22, returning January 27 with reasonable layovers for $216. If we didn’t already have our winter travel planned, I’d definitely consider pulling the trigger on this one!

I use ITA Matrix by Google or Kayak to do my searching as I like many of their features, but any search engine should work. I would recommend booking directly on AA.com or USAirways.com though.

This is especially great for those in the greater NYC area, but you may even be able to connect to Newark cheaply. For example, a direct flight from Boston to Newark on Jet Blue January 22 is only $55 one way.

For hotel accommodations, there is a Marriott, Westin, and Holiday Inn in Grand Cayman, all bookable with hotel points.

This could be the beginning of a great winter getaway so don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!


** Photo Credit to flipkey.com


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