From Venice to London to Home!

Our second day in Venice we slept in a little bit and then headed to Ca’ Macana mask shop where the mask for Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut was made. The kids perused the selections and luckily didn’t break anything, but they are just not old enough to appreciate them so we didn’t buy anything. My sister and her kids did though. The masks they chose were very cute!


We then wandered our way back to San Marco, stopping at shops along the way. Most of Venice could probably hear us coming as Ainsley was so tired that she was howling a good portion of the way. It was comical, in retrospect, not so much at the time. Finally she fell asleep and we had a little peace.

We found an Italian food take out shop that had been highly recommended on Trip Advisor so we had some tasty pasta at the Square before making our way back to the Hilton for some pool time. We’re not sure how it happened, but time seemed to fly in Italy. We intended to go for an early dinner and would find ourselves returning around 9pm. So, we were determined to head out early on our last night.

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side and all the restaurants weren’t open at the time we had hoped to eat so we cobbled together a dinner consisting of snacks in the Hilton lounge and a room service sandwich. We needed to be out of the hotel by 8am the next morning on our way to the airport so it was an early night for us all.

The next morning came early again and before we knew it, we were on our way to the airport. I’ve been to many places, but have never been transported to the airport via the water. It was very cool. At the airport we said our goodbyes as our three groups were traveling in different directions. The Harts were going home, Aunt J was headed to Heathrow for the night before returning home, and we were headed to London City airport for two nights in London.


Our flight to London, despite being delayed slightly, was uneventful and we picked up our rental car for our drive to the hotel. We made it somehow despite not having GPS and had a low key afternoon of doing laundry and getting ready for Sunday. As Sunday was Ken and Lachlan’s big day. Lachlan’s first Formula 1 race!

After an early dinner, we were in bed, ready for the next days adventures. Ken and Lachlan left early and Ainsley and I were lazy before heading out to see the sites within walking distance of our hotel. We went to Big Ben, Westminster, and Buckingham Palace before returning to our hotel to meet friends that I haven’t seen in years.


We had a nice time with them, taking the boat on the Thames River from London to Greenwich. We walked around, ate a light dinner, and then headed back to the hotel. It was very nice to catch up with them. Ken and Lachlan returned about 30 minutes after we did and we had a quick ice cream celebration of Ainsley’s birthday before calling it a night.


The next morning we packed up and left for Heathrow airport for our journey home. The kids were great for us on the flights and we were home before we knew it. Jet leg is a pretty significant factor right now, but pure exhaustion from the nearly two weeks journey likely will get us back on track quickly!

I plan on updating our expenses for this trip over the next week or so. We will likely have spent a lot more than we would have hoped, but we’ll see how it all comes out. The 120 Euro traffic ticket won’t help…

Hope you enjoyed reading about our journey. It has been very Europe-centric, naturally, but I’ll get back into posting about how make your travel dreams much cheaper now. And as always, please let me know if you have any questions!



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