The Floating City

We spent our last morning in Austria wandering around the streets of Innsbruck before we packed it up and headed out for our ten minute walk to the train station. We arrived a little early and just killed some time before the train to Venice arrived. There was a mad rush for seats, but we managed to snag enough for our party of 9.


The four and a half hour train ride passed pretty quickly and before we knew it, we were stepping out onto the grounds of Venice. I had heard some negative things about the city so was apprehensive on how I’d feel  about it. I was pleasantly surprised.


We hailed a water taxi for the 20 minute boat ride to the Hilton Molino Stucky and before we knew it, we were traveling down the canals of Venice. It was almost like we were in a James Bond movie. We weren’t quite moving at top speeds, but we felt pretty important, nonetheless.


After quickly checking into the hotel (Hilton Molino Stucky), we realized we were famished. So, we spent 50 Euros on a light dinner (gulp…) and went to bed. The next morning we were up to breakfast at the lounge early (we got lounge access at both the Innsbruck and Venice Hiltons due to my Gold status). And then we took the 10 minute boat ride across the canal to the main island.

At 9am sharp we went up inside the Campanile for sweeping views of the island. We followed that up with a short visit inside St. Mark’s Basilica and then returned to the Hilton for lunch and a nap. After nap we went for swim on the roof and then had a wonderful dinner next to the canal. Somehow we didn’t end up back to the hotel until quite late so it was another late night for our family.


I must say, we’re exhausted. I think we all would agree that Venice has been our favorite stop of our journey in Europe, but our kids have been tough. We’re not sure if it’s the lack of sleep or their ages but they haven’t given us much of a break. This certainly has been the most difficult trip we’ve taken with them which is surprising as they are pretty seasoned travelers. We don’t have another international trip planned until next February so hopefully they’ll have matured enough by then to make it a little easier.

But, we still have one more day in Venice before we head to London. We’ve been to London several times so there isn’t much on our list to do there other than the Formula 1 race for Ken and Lachlan and a visit with friends for Ainsley and I. Stay tuned for more updates!


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