The Hills are Alive!

With our rough start to Austria a distant memory, we were up and off to Hallstatt despite the drizzly day that greeted us on Monday. There was a little trepidation amongst our group on whether or not we should make the hour and a half drive considering the weather. Upon arrival, we were glad we decided to go.

For those who aren’t familiar with Hallstatt, I recommend just googling it and you’ll see why the Chinese have built a replica town. It is truly beautiful. Being from Maine, I would say that we have some towns that can compete with it, but we loved it.

Upon arrival, we parked the car and started meandering through town, looking for a place for lunch. We found a small restaurant that served local dishes and pizza which was a perfect combination for our group. After lunch we wandered around town, stopped in some shops, and found plenty to take pictures of. I imagine Hallstatt is beautiful to visit anytime of year.

After getting our fill of such beauty, we headed back to Berchtesgaden. The drive itself was wonderfully scenic. The kids passed out which was great because they are definitely in a sleep deficit here. We got back to the Intercontinental around 4pm and Ken and Lachlan headed for the Salzburg airport to take a look at the Red Bull museum while Ainsley and I went to the pool and relaxed at the hotel for a few hours. After they got back, we had some dinner and were in bed at a reasonable hour for our next day’s journey to Innsbruck.

We sadly left the Intercontinental at about 10am for our 2 and a half hour drive to Innsbruck. Ken and I both agreed that we had to go back once the kids were a little older. There are so many hiking and biking trails in Berchtesgaden that we would have loved to explore. And, of course, the scenary is amazing…

The drive to Innsbruck was beyond beautiful. Surrounded by amazing mountains on both sides for most of the journey, we were in awe with each turn. In fact, the picture below was from the car, going about 60 miles an hour…


Once we reached Innsbruck, we made our way to the Hilton. Ken dropped off the kids and I and our stuff and returned the car to the airport. Apparently I forgot that our traveling companions train left at 130pm instead of arrived at 130pm so we sat around the hotel awaiting their arrival for a couple of hours. Oh well, when they arrived we were off to the funicular for fabulous views of the city. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to go to the top, but the views from midway were amazing nonetheless.


Then it was off to the old section of town for some shopping and dinner. We had a wonderful dinner and then topped it off with an apple strudel for the adults and a gelato for the kids. Exhausted, we headed back to the Hilton to get a good nights sleep for our journey to Venice tomorrow!


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