Guten Tag from Munchen!

Let our summer European adventure begin! We arrived in Munich from Boston yesterday and are having a blast thus far. Jet lag has been considerable (I’m writing this post at midnight, local time), but we resisted the urge for a nap after arriving at our hotel and set off to see the sites!

Navigating Munich has been relatively straightforward although I must say that I would be beyond lost without my sister. The research that she put into this trip has been amazing and I’m so appreciative of all the work that she has done.

Our first stop after freshening up at the hotel was the Marienplatz for a viewing of the Glockenspiel. We were blessed with awesome weather on our first day so we made the most of exploring the area. Ainsley loved the “turkey’s” (read pigeons) although she wasn’t much of a fan of them pursuing her.

After a little poking around, we headed for the Munich Hard Rock Cafe. We wanted something that was guaranteed to please all the highly discerned American palates of our diverse group of eight and the Hard Rock didn’t disappoint. The service was quite slow and the prices were sky high, but we were starving after not having a meal in about 18 hours.

After dinner, we headed back to the Marienplatz for a viewing of the Glockenspiel in action. It was pretty cool considering it’s age (built in 1908) but nothing that I would schedule my day around. By 5pm, the kids were pooped and in need of some true sleep. They had done great on the flight, but were pretty difficult throughout the day due to lack of sleep. In fact, Lachlan fell asleep in the stroller that we had brought for Ainsley and never really woke up other than for a quick trip to the bathroom upon return to our room.

Tomorrow we continue our German adventure with a trip to Dachau for my sister and I while the guys and the kids spend a little more time in Munich. I can’t wait to see more sites with a good night’s sleep under my belt!


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