Capital One Venture Rewards – Bonus Now 40,000

Earlier this year, in preparation for our trip to Costa Rica, I signed up for the Capital One Venture Rewards card which had a temporary increased sign up bonus of 50,000 rewards after spending $3,000 in 3 months. These rewards paid for $560 (the bonus of $500 plus the $60 from the $3000 in spending) towards our room costs at The Springs Resort in La Fortuna. This was a huge savings for us and would have made our stay there unattainable without these rewards to cover the cost. Unfortunately, the bonus was only around for a few weeks and our travel companions weren’t able to sign up for it in time.

Well, the increased bonus is back. It’s now at 40,000 rewards after spending $3,000 versus the 50,000 that I got, but still $460 is nothing to sneeze at! I find the rewards from cards like this one and the Barclay’s Arrival card to be extremely beneficial as there are always expenses that can’t be covered with miles and hotel points. For our upcoming trip to Europe, all of our hotel nights are covered by points and the majority of our flights were covered with miles, but there are lots of other expenses that we can’t cover with miles and hotel points. Things like train rides, rental car, and other unplanned travel incidentals really add up. In fact, if you eat meals at a hotel, the expense will show up as a travel related expense and you can redeem these rewards for those meals. And while we don’t go on cruises, the bonus from this card could get you a significant amount of money off of your cruise bill!

A couple of other great things about this card is that it earns 2x on everyday spending and the $59 annual fee is waived for the first year. I’m not sure this will be a card that we’ll hang onto for more than a year, but it certainly is a great addition to our wallets.

So, after lots of consideration about what my husband’s next card application would be, we concluded that the higher bonus for this card doesn’t  come around a lot and that he’d apply for this one now. Keep in mind when making your decision about this card that Capital One can be very stingy about approving people for one reason or another. My husband has had a lot of credit card inquiries over the past two years on his credit report so we were happy that he received an instant approval.

We’re just hopeful that it arrives in time for our trip to Europe, but if not, the rewards will definitely come in handy for our next trip!


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