New Website for Hotel Deals

We all know that airfare and the cost of a hotel room are the two most expensive parts of a vacation. And many of you know that I’m a big fan of The Flight Deal as a place to find good sales or even mistake fares from a given airport. While we haven’t paid for long haul flights in years, we often are in the market for short haul flights and The Flight Deal comes in handy for departures from the US.

But until recently, there wasn’t a similar site for hotel sales or mistake hotel rates. I’ve recently been alerted to Extreme Hotel Deals and have added them to my blog reader. Check them out. Most likely the rates they find won’t come in handy for your particular travel plans, but you never know!

If I see a deal that’s particularly lucrative or might appeal to my audience, I’ll send out a tweet so don’t forget to follow me @milepointtravel.

Happy Hunting!


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