A German Adventure!

Germany will be our first stop on this summer’s European adventure!  Over the last several years, my sister has developed an interest in Germany and World War II.  It’s hard to believe how many millions of lives were changed forever because of the beliefs of one crazy man.  Bavaria and beer are also top on our list, so this makes Munich a perfect place to begin this journey!

Day of Arrival

Our adventure begins after arriving from Dublin.  The 8 of us should get to the hotel around noon.  The plan is to unload our luggage and have a low key afternoon/evening.  First, we’ll check out the English Gardens.  After spending 7-ish hours on an airplane, the kids will appreciate some space to run.  And the adults will appreciate a beer and pretzel for lunch at a beer garden there!

We’ll then head to Marienplatz for some shopping,

and to watch the Glockenspiel at 5

and finally to eat dinner before getting to bed early!  It’s looking like dinner at the Hard Rock Café will be the plan.  My Brother-in-Law is a pretty picky eater, so we’ll start off the eating journey slow with familiar American food!

Day Two

We anticipate sleeping in a bit on Friday morning.  At 10am in Germany, it will be 4am at home!  Hopefully we’ll be up in time to catch the free breakfast!  Then the husbands and the 4 kids will head to the Deutsches Museum while my sister and I find our way to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.  Later in the day, we’ll meet back up at Marienplatz for another early dinner.  This time, it looks like Hofbraeuhaus will be fun.  Since the husbands will have taken one for the team and let my sister and I off on our own during the day, we will return to the room with the kids after dinner while the husbands check out some of the biergartens Munich has to offer!

Day Three 

Saturday morning we’ll be up fairly early for breakfast and then off to Neuschwanstein Castle via train.  The journey is about 2 hours through the beautiful Bavarian countryside.  Neuschwanstein is one of the most beautiful castles in Germany and is the castle from which Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland was inspired.  We’ll make it back to Munich in time for dinner near the hotel at an Italian restaurant called L’Agolo della Pizza.

And then the next day we’re off to Berchtesgaden/Salzburg!


** Credit for the photo used for this post goes to photochrom print, c. 1900


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