Costa Rica Totals

So as I have done at the conclusion of several of our past trips, I wanted to give the cost breakdown of our Costa Rica vacation. We endeavor to spend no more than $1500 per vacation, but infrequently hit this total. And again, this time, our goal was not achieved. In general, we spent far more on food than I would have imagined. I would have preferred eating at more Sodas, but our group gravitated towards more familiar, upscale restaurants and that, coupled with the convenience of eating at the hotel, pushed us over.

So without further ado, our cash totals were as follows (I elaborated on the airline miles and hotel points used in prior posts):

  • Airfare Total: $196.52
  • Hotel Total: $22.85
  • Excursion Total: $674
  • Rental Car Total: $308.78 ($269.78 was what we had originally thought it was going to be, but that didn’t include the one way fee from Liberia to San Jose)
  • Gas: $88.60
  • Food/Drink: $509.66
  • Miscellaneous/Souvenirs: $222.12 ($131.06 was the departure tax and fee to use a credit card)
  • Airport Parking: $144

Total: $2,166.53

If I were to do this trip over again, I definitely would have insisted on eating at Sodas more frequently. This would have reduced our food bill dramatically. We also might have cut out an excursion or two and that would have decreased our cost by a lot as well. But, we had a great time and I’m glad that we did it as we did… Now if I can only keep our European Summer Vacation costs down!!



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