Europe or Asia Anyone?

So, I’ve spent the better part of the last 6 hours working on a mistake fare that I heard about on Flyertalk. To save you the time (assuming that it’s still available by the time you read this), the crux of finding the cheapest fare is by booking the outbound on Alitalia on a direct flight from the US (connecting flights work too, but aren’t the cheapest). The flight that I understand to work best is JFK to Milan (MXP). And then you need to find a connecting flight from another European city (many in Italy work as do Budapest, Prague, Dublin, and others) to Asia (for the cheapest option). Some of the cheapest examples are Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. But there are discounted prices to other places like the Middle East and Africa as well.

The best place to book this flight is at Priceline. You’ll need to choose the “flights” option and then choose “multiple destinations.” Choose JFK – MXP as your first flight then add another segment. We chose Dublin to Bangkok as we wanted one of the cheapest options and would love to return to Southeast Asia. You’ll need to play with the dates to find the best rate, but using this example, departing JFK on February 9th and then departing Dublin on April 9th comes out to $185.70 per person, inclusive of taxes. You may be wondering how one would get back from Italy in February or get to Dublin and back from Bangkok in April. This is where frequent flyer miles come in handy. We’ll likely use British Airways Avios to get back from Italy and get to Dublin in April and then we’ll use other miles to get home from Southeast Asia.

Of course, it goes without saying that you SHOULD NOT CALL THE AIRLINES until this mistake is dead. Calling the airlines results in the death of the deal much sooner than would otherwise happen. And do not book any non-refundable tickets, hotels, etc. around this fare until you know for sure whether or not it’s going to be honored.

If you’re able to get this to work for you, it’s a great deal. $186 for two one way trips is unheard of. In fact, if you’re contemplating it, book what works and then think about it later. You have 24 hours to cancel without penalty with Priceline and my guess is that you’ll be able to cancel even after that timeframe given the fare you’ve booked. But if you don’t book, you run the risk of the mistake being pulled at anytime.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!


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