Our Final Day in Paradise

As they say, all great things must come to an end and today marks our last full day on the island. This has been a wonderful vacation on so many levels and we feel truly blessed to have been able to make the journey. We’ll find out shortly what time we are scheduled to depart via sea plane tomorrow to Male where we’ll begin our return to reality.

While there have been so many great things about the Conrad that I’ve discussed over the course of the week, there are some things that I haven’t mentioned that helped make this week great. The Conrad offers one free hour of tennis to each room per day and given that the court is only a few doors down from our villa, Lachlan has gotten the opportunity to watch different kids and adults play. He, of course, wanted to give it a try and has really loved it. Initially, his hand/eye coordination was off but he’s gotten it down now and he and Ken have had some great volleys. He says that he wants to try tennis camp this summer. He just loves every sport (except swimming) and we’re trying to encourage him to try everything.

Ainsley, on the other hand, absolutely loves swimming and is now jumping off the side of the pool with her floaties on and swimming to the stairs to get out and jump again. All without any assistance. I’m sure she’ll be loving Aunt Lindey’s pool this summer.

Meanwhile, Ken and I continue to enjoy the snorkeling right off the beach. It’s really wonderful with a great variety of species. We’ve also continued to enjoy the happy hour at Vilu each day. The kids love the boat ride and it’s just a great way to wind down our day. Yesterday, we got there a little early so we explored that island a little bit more. Today we’ll return for one final “cheers.” If there ever was a paradise, in my opinion, this is it.

Over the course of our return home, I’ll breakdown how we were able to make this wonderful trip while keeping expenses as low as possible. As I’ve said earlier, this is not a cheap vacation, but compared to what it would cost out of pocket, we spent pennies on the dollar.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into our family vacation in paradise! Stay tuned for our next trip – Costa Rica!


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