Rest and Exploration in the Maldives

Our first full day in the Maldives was full of rest and exploration. Given the 11 hour time difference from home, suffice it to say, our body clocks were way off. We went to bed at about 8pm, but woke up at 3am with no hope of falling back to sleep. So, we made the best of our early morning time by having a light breakfast in the room and catching up on the Olympics.


Sunrise was at approximately 7am so we made it outside for a little exploration and sports for Lachlan. Ainsley hit the waves while Ken played a little soccer with Lachlan. While watching Ainsley splash around, we spotted a few sharks. Ken had seen several black tipped reef sharks the day before, but these were darker ones.  After asking in the dive center what we had seen, we learned that they were gray reef sharks. It was pretty cool to see sharks in the wild!


After about 2 hours of fun in the sun, the heat and sun intensity was beginning to get to us. The sun here is a lot hotter than we’re used to, even on the hottest days of the Maine summer. So, we went back to the room to freshen up before heading to the Atoll Market for a buffet breakfast. I’ve never seen such an extensive buffet before. I think I’m now hooked on “juicing.” We had several glasses of fruit mixes which were quite tasty. Our favorite was carrot and green apple. Lachlan was as picky as ever but Ainsley tried just about everything. The only downside to the breakfast was that it was open air. We normally love that sort of atmosphere but after overheating first thing in the morning it was a little hot for our tastes.


After breakfast we were pretty wiped out so we went back to the room for a rest. We ended up sleeping for about 5 hours. Ooops. The time change and the weather really took a toll… But, no matter, we were now going to make the most of our well rested bodies so we took off for some exploration!


While circumnavigating the island (which for an average walker would take less than 30 minutes), we spent the better part of an hour and a half walking around the island adding to our seashell collection and checking out all the hermit crabs along the way.  More than once we picked up a shell to bring home only to find out that it was inhabited.


The sun set while on our walk which was really pretty. Our timing ended up being impeccable as we arrived at the Rangali Bar for dinner just as full darkness had arrived. We had a tasty and very expensive dinner of pizza, hot dog, and quesadillas. The cost for the four of us (including two milkshakes and two cokes) was $122.86. That is US dollars! Needless to say, we will be filling up as much as possible on the unlimited free breakfast!

Overall, our first full day was a hit. We slept longer than we had wanted to, but in the end that probably was a good thing as the midday sun is so intense that we wouldn’t be able to spend much time in it anyway. We’re looking forward to another day with new adventures on this wonderful little slice of paradise!


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