Our United Arab Emirates Adventure Part IV

Since we didn’t get to bed until late the night before, we spent a lazy morning in our room and down by the pool(s). Today our schedule included a Desert Safari in the afternoon/evening but we didn’t need to leave for that until about 230pm. So, after getting ourselves together, we headed off to explore the hotel. All I have to say is wow. Really incredible. No expense was spared in putting this St. Regis complex together. There are several pools (main pool, kids pool, adult pool, lap pool, indoor pool). We tried out the kids pool which is part of the kids club complex but the pool was more for splashing and less for swimming.

We ended up at the shallow end of the main pool which was perfect for the kids. Lachlan could touch with no problem and Ainsley could touch as well although the water was right up to her chin. They had water noodles to play with and in no time, Ainsley was kicking and paddling around the pool on her own.

We spent a few hours down at the pool before returning to the room for lunch and a nap. Luckily, there is a small grocery store at the St. Regis so we bought sandwiches for lunch and a few other provisions. After lunch and a nap it was time to go get Aunt Judy for our Desert Safari. While it took us a little bit of time to find the meeting spot  for the safari, we eventually found it and were soon on our way to the desert!

After an hour+ drive into the desert, we made it to the safari camp where we got into SUVs for our dune bashing adventure. I didn’t have time to be nervous or indicate such to the driver and the next thing we knew, we were going over the top of huge dunes. The kids loved it, giggling the whole way. Aunt Judy was in the front seat and I wasn’t sure if she was having a heart attack because she could see everything in front of us or if she was having a blast. I think it was the latter…

After our dune bashing adventure, we were able to climb to the top of a sand dune, ride a camel, or dune surf. Ken and Lachlan climbed the sand dune while the rest of us enjoyed the sunset and the sites. Unfortunately, Ken didn’t realize until he got to the bottom of the sand dune, that he could have surfed down. Oh well.

The highlight of the evening for Ainsley was the camel ride. She did not want to wait for her turn and kept trying to get to the front of the line. Eventually it was her turn so she and Ken rode the camel. She loved it of course. We then made our way to the camp set up under the stars for dinner and evening entertainment.

They had set up tables with pillows as seats and a large stage for the belly dancing entertainment. It was perfect as the set up allowed the kids to run around and entertain themselves without getting in the way.  They even had a henna artist doing henna for any guests who were interested. Eventually, dinner was served and it was awesome. It consisted of chicken, beef, fish, and lots of salads like cole slaw, hummus with bread and a traditional lettuce and tomato salad. The only not so great part was the pudding dessert. Overall, the dinner was great!

After dinner, they had a belly dancer who was actually quite good. But soon it was time to go. So, we loaded up the bus again and before we knew it, we were on our way back to Abu Dhabi. I highly recommend a desert safari as part of any UAE adventure. It was awesome and certainly the highlight of our trip. We used Net Tours and would recommend them again.

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), the kids did not fall asleep on the way back to the hotel. It was late by the time we returned so we all crashed quickly. It was another great day had by all!photo 1 copy 5photo 2 copy 5photo 1 copy 6photo 2 copy 6photo 3 copy


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