Our United Arab Emirates Adventure Part II

After waking up late, we headed out to the Mall of the Emirates for a little indoor snow skiing. Ken really enjoys skiing and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try skiing indoors for the first time. The kids and I were able to watch him on one section of the hill from the glass window facing the rest of the mall. He skied for about an hour and enjoyed it. Obviously it was not the best skiing conditions, but it was a pretty cool novelty.

We wandered around the huge mall for a short while longer before heading back to the hotel and the kids pool. Of course the pool was the highlight of the day for the kids. They had a great kids pool with a couple of water slides which were lots of fun!

Then it was off to dinner for a wonderful meal. The kids had pasta which they loved and Ken and I had a wonderful chicken shwarma sandwich. For dessert we all had some ice cream. It was a great end to a great day! Then it was off to bed in preparation for Aunt Judy’s arrival first thing the next morning.

Day two in Dubai began with a wake up call from Aunt Judy indicating that she had arrived safely! After getting ourselves together, we headed off to the gold and spice souk via an Abra (traditional wooden boat used to cross the creek). The souk was ok, nothing too special and none of us purchased anything. The souks in Istanbul and Cairo are much nicer…

Upon returning to the hotel, we headed to the pool for a few more hours of water fun. The weather has been great and not nearly as oppressive as we expected it to be. Once we had sufficiently exhausted ourselves at the pool, we headed back to the room (we had moved onto the suite for our last night at the Grand Hyatt) to get ready for our “high tea” at the Burj al Arab (the world’s only 7 star resort?).

Entrance to the Burj al Arab is only allowed with a reservation of some sort. You can see the tourists piled outside of the gate taking pictures. Once our reservation was checked, we were allowed entry. We took a few pictures from the outside when a bright pink Lambourghini pulled in. The immediate entrance was filled with Bentleys. The opulence was over the top and that’s saying a lot for Dubai!

In the lobby we were directed upstairs to the lounge for our high tea experience. We had read about high tea at the Burj al Arab but had no idea what we were in for. The tables for high tea are set up in a living room setting so seats were arm chairs and couches.  Our waiters and waitresses were awesome and very attentive. There were 6 courses served with unlimited tea, coffee, soda, or juices. They even had chicken nuggets and fries for the kids even though their meal was free. The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was the epitome of opulent, and we all felt the experience was well worth it, even with the hefty $100 per adult charge. The whole experience took several hours and by the time we were ready to go, Dubai traffic had hit it’s rush hour so it took us another 45 minutes to get back to our hotel. By the time we had arrived, we were wiped and ready for bed!photo 1 copyphoto 2 copyphoto 2 copy 2photo-2 copyphoto 1 copy 2


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