The Remainder of Our Family Trip to Kauai…

I’ve quickly learned that trying to blog while traveling with the kids is a supreme challenge… In theory, blogging during nap time or after they’ve gone to bed seems to make sense. However, in reality, I found that there was so much to do to keep the vacation moving smoothly during that time that updating the blog took a back seat. So, I’m back, to discuss the rest of our Kauai adventure along with a few observations with making sure things are made right when you have negative experiences while traveling.

When I left you, we were supremely happy with our Garden Suite at the Grand Hyatt. But as the days progressed, an odor seemed to start to permeate the living and bathroom areas. Initially, I had thought that it might be the food in the fridge, but once I realized that the smell in the bathroom was just as bad or even worse, I realized that the stench must be in the wall between the living area and the bathroom. Given that there were multiple financial conferences going on at the time, the hotel was sold out and there weren’t any suites available to move us to. After discussing our options, we decided to move to a deluxe ocean view room for the remainder of our stay and have our last suite certificate returned to our account to use at a later date. During this time, the staff at the Grand Hyatt were more than accommodating and apologetic for this issue. After doing a little digging, I did realize that someone had posted this exact issue with this exact room (1026 for those curious) on Flyertalk in December which makes me wonder if they actually are fixing the issue. But, nonetheless, our interactions with the staff were wonderful.

The deluxe ocean view room was a good compromise in my book given that we only had one more night in our suite anyway and we would have been given a garden view room for the remaining 4 nights of our stay. A deluxe ocean view meant that we would not be on the ground floor and therefore, could sleep with the door to our balcony open – something we very much enjoyed during our trip to Kauai in 2008. But, the location of this room ended up being an issue. It was directly above the Ilima Terrace where nighttime wedding receptions are held. So, on Friday night, the DJ proceeded to blast music almost non-stop from 7pm to 10pm (is “Someone Like You” by Adele appropriate for a wedding reception?). At about 9pm, with our 3 year old still awake due to the noise, I called the front desk and asked when it would be over. The person who answered immediately handed the phone to the supervisor who informed me that it would be over promptly at 10pm and that she’d go and request that the DJ tone it down a little. Keep in mind, I was very nice and simply asked when the reception would be over. She was very apologetic and I appreciated that she understood the discomfort the reception was causing.

The next morning, I went to the front desk and inquired if there would be another reception that night, given that it was Saturday. The front desk clerk consulted the schedule and confirmed that there would be another reception. I proceeded to tell her about our prior night and she immediately offered to move us or a $100 resort credit for our troubles. I told her that we did not want to move again, given that we were checking out the next day, but that a $100 credit would be great. She said “consider it done.” I believe that was over and above what they needed to do to compensate us for our inconvenience and I was much appreciative of their proactive stance towards making things right. Additionally, given that the supervisor I spoke with the night before was not on duty the next morning and did not know about the $100 credit, the following evening, she delivered a large basket of Kauai goodies and apologetic card to our room for our inconvenience the night before. Again, we were very pleased with the desire of the staff to make any inconveniences right and can’t wait to go back to the Grand Hyatt at our earliest opportunity!

The remainder of our time on Kauai was wonderful. It was much more low key than we’re accustomed to being on vacation, but that was fine with us as we had seen and done most of what we wanted to do on our last trip to Kauai. We’ll return when the kids are a little older and able to enjoy the nature and activities a little more. It’s a long journey to Kauai, but definitely worth it, especially if you stay at the Grand Hyatt. The accommodations are wonderful, but the staff is really what shined for us!


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