Spouting Horn and Waimea Canyon

On Sunday afternoon, after playing at the beach, we decided to make the short drive to Spouting Horn. Spouting Horn is a lava tube that fills with water during high tide and then when a wave comes in, water shoots high into the sky. The most exciting part of the visit was the enormous sea turtle right at the entrance to the water tube. The general consensus was that while Spouting Horn is nice, it would have been really exciting to see the sea turtle come flying out of the spout.

That evening we went to the Poipu shopping area and had dinner before returning back to the hotel. The next morning we made our way to Waimea Canyon which Mark Twain called “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” We’d been there before but it was equally impressive the second time around.

On our return from Waimea, we had hoped to stop and get shave ice at Jo Jo’s, but it was closed and the kids had fallen asleep so off we went to… Walmart! After stocking up on provisions and heading back to the hotel, our 19 month old projectile vommitted in our 4 day old rental car, complete with leather seats. Once that event was over, she seemed to feel much better and was ready to go back to the beach where we spent the remainder of the afternoon.

After all we’ve been through in the last few months, this trip has been just what we’ve needed. We’re looking forward to several more days of rest and relaxation before returning to the snowy northeast!




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