Day Eight – Last Few Hours of Rest and Relaxation

Our last full day in Bali was full of rest and relaxation. We slept in and then got up and went to the beach for a while. As I said, the hotel has great views of the airport runway so Ken was in heaven. I enjoyed the crashing waves and just tried to soak in our last few hours of peace and quiet before we return home. We can’t wait to get home and see the kids. We’ve found ourselves looking through pictures of them with lots of laughs over the memories. Our trip has been fantastic but we can’t wait to get home to our amazing family!

The rest of our day was spent between the pool, our room, and the beach. We had our last big meal on the beach just before sunset and decided to go to bed early in hopes of getting a jump on jet lag when we return home. After returning to our room, we received a call from the front desk informing us that they were checking someone into our room. What? Apparently the person who checked us in did not combine our two reservations afterall and they thought that we were checking out that day. After sorting things out with the reservation agent, I made a call to the supervisor to let them know how displeased we were with a basic request that obviously went unhandled despite trying to deal with it before check-in and at check-in. I will certainly be providing the details of our stay here to Intercontinental upon our return. The Intercontinental Hong Kong and the Bali Hyatt were amazing in the service department but the Intercontinental Bali has left a lot to be desired. I can’t say I’d recommend this hotel to anyone unless it was a free stay. I certainly would not pay for the service we’ve received.

Just a few more hours before we start our journey home. Luckily, the flight is so pleasant that we are not dreading the trip. And it just gets us closer and closer to the kids!


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