Day Four – Rest and Relaxation in Bali

Our first full day in Bali was all about relaxation. We, again, were up really early as our lovely son somehow figured out how to make a phone call with his grandmother’s phone. By some stroke of luck, he actually called us as opposed to someone else. It was a great treat to talk with him as he generally does not want to talk with us on the phone, but 4am was a little early. So, we were up and just relaxed until about 7am when breakfast began in the Regency Club.

The breakfast spread was great and we both had an omelette and a plate of fruit. It was tasty but my omelette was a bit undercooked so I plan on asking for it to be cooked a little longer next time. After breakfast, we went for a walk along the beach path on Sanur beach. The view is gorgeous and the weather was perfect for a walk. After getting back to the hotel, we decided to play a few rounds of ping pong before going back to the room to get changed for the pool.

We then spent the next several hours relaxing by the pool, reading, surfing the internet and enjoying a few drinks. It was awesome. We’re not very good at relaxing, but this was perfect. After a lunch of nachos by the pool, we returned to the room to get ready for our massage.

We arrived at the spa about 15 minutes before our scheduled time. They offered us a hot ginger drink and we finalized the details of our session. We were then led to the couples massage room. I was a bit tense as massages generally aren’t my cup of tea but after donning our less than flattering massage outfits, we were led to the foot bath. We then spent the next two hours getting a scalp treatment, massage, and reflexology/foot massage. It all was very relaxing and we enjoyed ourselves. I probably won’t be getting a massage again anytime soon, but the scalp treatment was heavenly. I could definitely see myself getting another one of those!

All in all, our day was just what the doctor ordered. Our goal of this trip was to explore Bali and Hong Kong, but to also work in some rest and relaxation. Today certainly satisfied the rest and relaxation and tomorrow, we’re off for a full day of exploring Bali with our hired guide. Stay tuned for our review of Bali!


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