Cathay Pacific Flight 845 JFK – HKG

At about 1250am, boarding for our flight was announced in the lounge. We made our way over to the gate where we found organized chaos. A Cathay Pacific employee was holding up a sign indicating which rows they were boarding at the moment. We eventually found the premium boarding line but getting through the crowd was challenging. No matter, in short order we were introduced to our little piece of heaven for the subsequent 16 hours. The Cathay Pacific business class seats did not disappoint. The way they are situated makes it feel like you are in your own little world. The plane also appeared to be very new as nothing was worn. While we waited for boarding to finish, I enjoyed a glass of water and perused the inflight entertainment guide.

Cathay Pacific is known for having one of the best inflight entertainment systems in the sky. They have over 100 movies and 500 TV shows to choose from. And the video screen is HUGE. I ended up choosing “The Decendants” and “Hemingway and Gellhorn” over the course of the flight. I loved “The Decendants” and “Hemingway and Gellhorn” was good as well. I haven’t had the opportunity to choose a movie (let alone two!) to watch at my leisure in a long time. And I was in heaven!

Shortly after takeoff, I decided to forego dinner and went to sleep for about 6 hours. Making my seat into a bed was as easy as pushing a button and I was asleep in no time. After waking up, I ordered my dinner which included Creamy Butternut Squash and Apple Soup, Roasted Chicken on a Greek Salad, some bread, berries, and an awesome cheesecake. It all was fantastic.

After dinner and a movie, I went back to sleep for another 3 hours and woke up about 5 hours outside of Hong Kong. One of my favorite features of the business class seat was that the control for the entertainment system had a clock on it that showed the time remaining until we would arrive. That helped me plan when I wanted to sleep and when I should expect breakfast, etc. The seat also had a power port which came in handy. The headphones provided were also awesome and drowned out all background noise. It felt like they thought of everything when they planned these seats.

About 2 ½ hours outside of Hong Kong, breakfast was served. My choice was a mushroom omelette, roasted potatoes, strawberry smoothie, and toast. It, again, was fantastic. After breakfast, I finished the movie and cleaned up before landing.

In the end, this flight was the best I’ve ever taken, by far. The seat and food blew away everything else I’ve experienced on a plane. While I expected the flight to be fantastic, I thought the 16 hours in the air would be a downer. Given the entertainment options, food, and comfortable bed, the 16 hours flew by, allowing me to enjoy myself immensely.

We arrived into Hong Kong early, at about 445am, Sunday morning. We took our time passing through immigration and made our way to the Cathay Pacific arrival lounge. It was important to us to get cleaned up before heading off to the Intercontinental as we did not know whether or not we’d be able to check in early. The lounge was great. I took another great shower and we grabbed a few snacks to enjoy throughout the day. In the end, this was an outstanding use of 100,000 British Airways miles and ~$500 each. A great way to spend out anniversary and a great way to start our vacation!


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