And We’re Off!

So our trip for two to Asia has begun… Everything could not have gone any smoother between dropping off the kids at my sister’s and our Jet Blue flight from Portland to New York (JFK). The kids were excited about a fun-filled week with family and couldn’t have cared less about us leaving. Their mother was a different story… But, I pulled myself together and know we’ll have a blast!

Our transit from the Jet Blue terminal to the international terminal at JFK was a breeze (everything seems so easy and carefree for some reason) and we currently find ourselves in the British Airways Lounge, awaiting our departure. The lounge is certainly much better than the alternative of sitting at our gate for 4 hours. We have access to finger foods and alcohol galore along with free wifi and showers (heavenly!). Really, other than full service meals, we really couldn’t ask for more.

Our flight is just under 16 hours from JFK to Hong Kong direct. As I explained on a prior post, we’re in business class which I believe is the only humane way to travel on an airplane for 16 hours (well, in addition to First Class). I’m anxious for the flight as this will certainly be the longest flight I’ve ever been on and Cathay Pacific is known as being one of the best airlines for business class seats (I’m hoping to sleep for at least 10 hours on the lie flat bed). Recent reviews have revealed less than stellar in-flight catering, but I’m not picky!

And once we land in Hong Kong, we have 48 hours of sightseeing before heading off to Bali for some rest, relaxation, and a little adventure! I am going to attempt to provide daily updates and post them here, provided we have internet access at all of our hotels!

Thanks again Aunt Sas, Ria, and Aunt Lindsey for allowing us to take this trip and celebrate our 5th anniversary! This trip certainly would not have been possible without you. Knowing the kids are in such capable/familiar hands allows us (at least so far!) to relax a bit.

Stay tuned for more on our anniversary adventure to Hong Kong and Bali!


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