Our Trip for Two to Asia – Part III

As a continuation of my posts on our almost free “Trip for Two to Asia,” I’ll be discussing how we got “almost free” hotel for 8 nights. To start, we will be staying for 2 nights at the Intercontinental Hong Kong and then in Bali, we’ll be staying 3 nights at the Intercontinental Bali. The Intercontinental is considered to be one of the best hotels in Hong Kong, a city with amazing hotels. The Intercontinental Bali is also considered one of the top luxury hotels in Bali, although its stature has diminished recently. A year ago, we signed up for the Priority Club Visa, issued by Chase. This card came with a sign up bonus of 60,000 Priority Club points which can be redeemed at a variety of hotels, including Holiday Inns and Intercontinentals. The annual fee for this card was waived for the first year and is $49 for each year thereafter. We used 30,000 points per night at the Intercontinental Bali (husband 2 nights, me 1 night – we both signed up for the card). We opted to keep this card and pay the annual fee as each year you keep the card open, you get one free night at any Priority Club hotel around the world. So, we each paid $49 and used our free nights for the two nights in Hong Kong. For a hotel that normally goes for ~$400 per night, I’d say that the $49 expense was well worth it!

The third hotel we’ll be staying at is the Bali Hyatt. While this isn’t one of the top tier hotels in Bali, it works for us. It cost us 7,000 Ultimate Rewards per night for a king club room (which we got by using our Chase Sapphire/Ink Bold cards and transferring the Rewards to our Hyatt account). A club room gets you access to the hotel lounge at which you can partake in food and drink and is an exclusive spot that only those with access can enter. We could have spent 5,000 Ultimate Rewards for a standard room, but given the special nature of our trip, we thought we’d indulge.

So, for those keeping track, we spent about $1000 on our airfare and $98 total including all taxes and fees on our hotels. Not bad, if you ask me! Stay tuned to our daily posts as our trip unfolds!


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