American Airlines Stopover Policy-Update

As I posted many weeks ago here, American Airlines has a very generous stopover policy, allowing those of us near airports that serve international destinations to get two one way tickets for the price of one. While I won’t rehash the details here, some of my favorite redemptions my family has taken advantage of include St. Thomas, USVI – Boston (stopover for 3 months) and then onto London for 20,000 miles one way per ticket versus 17,500 miles required for St. Thomas to Boston. Another doozy for us was 20,000 miles from London – Boston (stopover for 9 months) then onto Kauai for 20,000 miles. This is the same amount of miles required for London to Boston.

Well, today I called to change the date of my flight to Kauai by a few days. I was nervous when making this call because I knew that pushing the date forward by 2 days put us past the 365 ticket validity period associated with each ticket. In short, each ticket is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. I had already moved our ticket to the 364th day but in order to accommodate additional family travelling with us, I needed to move it forward a few more days. While the call took longer than usual to make a simple date change, I now have a ticketed reservation for a date more than 365 days beyond when I first ticketed the reservation.

I bring this to your attention for several reasons but have a couple of caveats. One, it is absolutely not guaranteed that you can change your dates beyond the 365 days from ticketing. I do believe that at some point along the way in altering my reservation, it was re-ticketed and thus changed the clock for me. Or perhaps the reason why it took longer to make this change than it has in the past may be due to the fact that they accommodated me because it was only a few days difference. But, this is huge for my family when booking AA flights in the future. To be able to push our flights forward, even only a few days, gives us a lot more flexibility when tying vacations together. We generally take two vacations a year and trying to combine the stopover policy with Off-Peak Milesaaver tickets can be a challenge to say the least and this additional potential flexibility would be great.

As I said, this is a HUGE Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV), but I was successful this time around! Good luck with your date changes and let me know if I can help!


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