Posted in March 2012

Another Family Success Story!

Another Family Success Story!

As I have mentioned, my immediate family is in the midst of planning for next year’s winter getaway. Given the generous American Airlines stopover rule, we are flying to Kauai for free as part of our return ticket from Scotland (I wrote about this here). Our trip is pretty low key given that we will … Continue reading

Scotland, Here We Come!

Our recent trip to St. John has me itching for our next trip so I decided to try to put a little more time into our vacation to Scotland in a few months. We’ll be flying into London and then onto Glasgow, driving around Scotland for a week, and then returning to London from Edinburgh … Continue reading

Capital One Venture Rewards Card

I’ve been reading a lot lately about a credit card that came out last year in March, issued by Capital One, that essentially reimbursed your travel expenses and the rumor is that it will be coming out again this March. The program is not straightforward like many credit card bonuses are, but as I see … Continue reading